God’s Will or Free Will?

Free Will and God’s Will
by Dennis McInerny

It is an act of the will to deny free will, and those who insist upon doing so deserve to be put in the same category as those who refuse to accept the fact that the earth is a sphere. As Catholics, we of course take free will for granted, as well we should, for it was granted to us as a free gift. Besides, it would not contribute much to good mental or spiritual health to deny the obvious. There is no questioning the sheer factualness of free will, but that does not mean that serious questions concerning the nature of free will cannot be raised, as well as questions about how free will is to be properly understood with respect to our relation with the omniscient and all-powerful God.

One question which is often raised regarding the matter of free will is this: How is it related to God’s foreknowledge? Put more pointedly, how is our free will to be reconciled with God’s foreknowledge? Let us begin by stating the problem…


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